Who is Ivan Zimbitsky?

A young Ukrainian entrepreneur. Father of two children. Graduated from Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU).

For two years he worked at the world's largest audit and consulting company Deloitte.

Completed five business projects in completely different niches: a children's soccer school, retail sales of accessories for mobile gadgets, coaching for entrepreneurs, IT project for staff integration Sintegrum, the first online marketplace of craft meat "Steaks of the Carpathians.

He is a well-known online marketer and real estate investor.
Wrote 8 books on entrepreneurship, launched 14 programs, which passed more than 40,000 business owners, startups, entrepreneurs.

For over 10 years he has been running an email newsletter for entrepreneurs, and has written over 300 essays on business that have been read by over 2 million readers.

Ivan Zimbitsky's mission is to make the entrepreneurial experience enjoyable. He demonstrates by his own example how to put this into practice.
(record views — more than
million in one broadcast)
Personal Life
Spouse — Olga Nagaychuk. Recruiter, owner of the Talent Search recruitment project.

Two children: daughter Alisa and son Mikhail. Ivan believes that there are two most important decisions in life: with whom to create a family and what business to go into.
Иван Зимбицкий с семьёй
Иван Зимбицкий личная жизнь
Иван Зимбицкий Ironman
Иван Зимбицкий с женой
Early Years
Ivan Zimbitsky was born in the small town of Ovruch, Zhytomyr region. His father was a diesel locomotive engineer, a liquidator of the Chernobyl accident, and his mother was a medical worker.

Since childhood, he was fond of soccer and bodybuilding.
Despite suffering from attention deficit disorder since childhood, he showed entrepreneurial talent very early in life.

Since the second year of university, he worked as a Corel Draw designer at KNEU. At the same time he sold diplomas, essays, and term papers to correspondence students and took exams for them.

Feeling that he lacked solid systematic knowledge, he learned English in 9 months, and in April 2006, in his fourth year at KNEU, received an offer from Deloitte, the world's largest auditing and consulting company.
Иван Зимбицкий
Иван Зимбицкий
Иван Зимбицкий
Иван Зимбицкий
Иван Зимбицкий
By the time he was 37, Ivan Zimbitsky had already implemented quite a few successful projects. Although all of his major projects are yet to come
A cloud-based employee integration service with which every entrepreneur can free himself from operational work and devote 80% of his time to business improvement and growth strategy
In 2022, he opened the first online marketplace for craft meat «Стейки Карпат».
GoldCoach is a legendary project for entrepreneurs, which has successfully trained more than 75,000 people in 8 years. At its peak, it employed 80 people. The company has grown to a turnover of $2,500,000.
Soccer Club for preschoolers from 3 to 7 years FootyBall-Ukraine — network of 5 clubs (project sold)
The 10X Summit is an annual event from entrepreneurial practitioners held in 2018 and 2019. Over 15 speakers and 1,200 attendees. Ultra-specific business development techniques from top experts and innovators for 10X results.
He wrote eight books on entrepreneurship.
Two of his most popular, «Jaws for a Businessman» and «The Departed», which have been downloaded over 1,000,000 times.
Книги Ивана Зимбицкого
Ivan Zimbicki is a fan of constant learning and self-development.

In 2017 he ran the Marathon - 42 km in 3 hours and 44 minutes

Ran Ironman 70.3 3 times.

On 28 October 2018 he did the «personal best» at Ironman 70.3 Turkey in Antalya in 4 hours 55 minutes.
Иван Зимбицкий Ironman
Иван Зимбицкий Ironman
Иван Зимбицкий Ironman
Иван Зимбицкий Ironman
Иван Зимбицкий Ironman
Watch the video «Ivan's Habits» - how to live by your own rules
and discover the habits and philosophy that led him to his results and help him retain and multiply them every day
John Assaraf (first mentor),
Rich Shefren (marketing mentor), Russell Brunson, Tony Robins (did live training and online courses).

Has flown to the US for training 18 times, including the Traffic & Conversion Summit.
Иван Зимбицкий и Райан Дайс
Иван Зимбицкий с Джоном Ассарафом
Иван Зимбицкий с Расселом Брансеном
Иван Зимбицкий с Ричем Шефроном
Иван Зимбицкий с Джефом Уокером
Ivan is a talented speaker. He was the moderator of Jordan Belfort's performance in Kiev at the Palace of Ukraine.

Belfort is a living sales legend, whose story was used in the film The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo Dicaprio.
Иван Зимбицкий и Джордан Белфорт
Иван Зимбицкий и Джордан Белфорт
He was a guest speaker
with Dr. Eugene Komarovsky
Иван Зимбицкий и Комаровский
Team Development
Ivan is convinced that the most important asset of any company is the team.
He constantly creates conditions for the growth and development of the team, the joint achievement of ambitious goals and constant movement forward.
Команда Ивана Зимбицкого
Команда Ивана Зимбицкого
Команда Ивана Зимбицкого
Команда Ивана Зимбицкого
In 2018, Ivan organized a 5-day Team Camp in Turkey for 50 people at his own expense, investing $40,000.
In 2019, 70 people flew to Barcelona (Ivan's investment was $70,000).
In 2019 we also had a team camp in Bukovel and an excursion to Chernobyl.
Менторство от Ивана Зимбицкого
actual products
Sintegrum's cloud-based employee integration service, thanks to which every entrepreneur can free up time from operations and devote 80% of his time to business improvement and growth strategy
>>> Learn more about Sintegrum <<<
6-week MasterMind «Money Action» with an introductory coach
Increase implementation, follow through more and do more monetary actions to get 2X profit without having to work twice as hard
5 секретов Корчевского
Должность форсаж
Воркшоп продаж Марка Робердже
Создатель шляп ответственности
«The hat maker of responsibility»
Online business challenge on how to create a systematic business that doesn't depend on the «Stars»
>>> The hat maker of responsibility <<<
«Mark Roberge's System. Sales Director»
Create a system sales department and become a millionaire using Sales Director Mark Roberge's methodology
Position Fast Track Coaching
Create a posіtion 300% faster and better without perfectionism under the guidance of an experienced mentor.
>>> Position Fast Track <<<
Download a PDF «Korchevsky's 5 Secrets»
Get a proven plan to get out of your routine and grow your business from the creator of Step Academy and Sintegrum
>>> Korchevsky's 5 Secrets <<<
Создатель шляп ответственности
«Rockefeller's System»
Online challenge, where you can implement elements of John Rockefeller Business Management System in 6 weeks to double your profits
Воркшоп продаж Марка Робердже
«Russell Brunson's Online Sales System»
The online sales system that has created more internet millionaires than any other program, guru or even mastermind!
>>> Get the BRANSON SYSTEM <<<
The program starts on November 24
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October 5
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August 10
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April 17
Воркшоп продаж Марка Робердже
«Thinking 10Х»
A practical 6-week online intensive on creating a financial freedom mindset
The program starts on
November 21
Ivan always has vacancies for talented people. He is always recruiting salespeople and sales managers.

Do you want to be part of a team? Send your CV to izimbitskiy@gmail.com
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